We understand the importance of product training and strive to ensure that every user of the DBK Drymatic System has a technical understanding of how the system works.

Learn how to deliver hot, dry air to the water held within the fabric of a building, in a safe and controlled way! 

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We have built a Flood House at our facility in Spartanburg, SC so that we can enable hands-on experience with the Drymatic products.

The Flood House is built using a wide range of materials.

Learn how to Measure, Dry Out, and Monitor effectively!



Alongside our hands-on training in the Flood Room, we teach you the theory behind our Heat Drying methodology.

You will learn how to manipulate material surface temperatures to control evaporation potential and the importance of maintaining control over the ambient conditions.

We also offer IICRC courses throughout the year.

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If you can’t free up the time to come to us, we can come to you. DBK offer a cut-down version of our product training that focuses on the key features of each of the Drymatic products.

  • How to use

  • When to use

  • Why you should use

The Toolbox Talk is a great refresher for all stakeholders within your business!

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Over the past decade, DBK has honed its expertise in the field of Heat Drying.

We offer consultation services aimed at improving your business performance, with a focus on:

  • Staff Development

  • Developing your processes

  • Maximising ROI

Let us help you develop your business!

IICRC Class Schedule for 2019

WRT Classes:

August 6-7

October 1-3

AMRT Classes

April 29-May 2

December 10-13


June 4-6

To Register for Classes visit: www.trainemta.com